GOLDEN RING CHEESE is a small boutique cheese dairy that fulfills its mission in one of the most beautiful corners of Vipava Valley. You can find it at Sinji vrh that lies above Ajdovščina at the altitude of 1000 meters. A very special story about unique and different cheeses, in which they combine art and cuisine, is taking place there. Our speciality is that we are a bit extra, somehow out of the box. Our cheeses get their sharp flavor deep underground, in the abandoned tunnels of the Italian army, dating to the beginning of the last century, in complete darkness, at a constant temperature and high air humidity. This very special microclimate gives them a distinctive mark. Each and every one of our cheese wheels is handmade and well taken care of. Each one of them tells its own story and each series is something unique.

We use raw cowmilk from the mountains. Our cheeses ripen for four months or more. Because of the low temperatures, the cheeses mature slightly slower and in that way gain in flavor. Our offer consists of the following cheeses: Vipava Valley, Soft Valley, Blue Valley, Sinji vrh, White Valley, Vipava Sunset and Black Widow. A special feature of the first two is that they are wrapped in a cotton fabric that enables a balanced exchange of the air humidity. This enables the cheeses to mature evenly. Over time, the cheeses begin to develop amazing textures of natural molds that vary from blue to orange tones. Each piece is unique. On the inside, the cheese retains a clean rind that uncovers itself when the time is right. Each wheel of cheese has its own story, we don’t obsess over its form and let it be shaped by the time. Seasonally, we also produce other types of cheeses. The types depend on the ingredients that are available at that time. Upon agreement, we can also develop individual cheeses according to the wishes of our clients. On the next pages you can find detailed descriptions of all our cheeses.